lørdag 18. mars 2006


She smiled at a sorrowful stranger.
The smile seemed to make him feel better.
He remembered past kindness of a friend
and wrote him a thank-you letter.
The friend was so pleased with the thank-you
that he left a large tip after lunch.
The waitress, suprised by the size of the tip,
bet the whole thing on a hunch.
The next day she picked up her winnings,
and gave part to a man on the street.
The man on the street was so grateful;
for two days he'd had nothing to eat.
After he finished his dinner,
he left for his small dingy room.
(He didn't know at that moment
that he might be facing his doom.)
On the way he picked up a shivering puppy
and took him home to get warm.
The puppy was very grateful
to be in out of the storm.
That night the house caught on fire.
The puppy barked the alarm.
He barked 'til he woke the whole household
and saved everybody from harm.
One of the boys that he rescued
grew up to be President.
All this because of a simple smile
that hadn't cost a cent.
Barbara Hauck, 13 aar.
Dette diktet fant jeg i boka "Chicken soup for the Teenage Soul", i avsnittet "On love and kindness".
Tenk over dette diktet!

5 kommentarer:

miss_solvor sa...

fytti for ett bra dikt!!
noge å tenka på!
håbe dæ går fortsatt fint mæ dæg i USA!
læse fortsatt på bloggen din.
du må bare kommentera på min viss du vil for nå he æg ao fått blogg :D

me snakkes.
klem frå solvor !

Cecilie Cecilie sa...

Ntååå! Det er litt som i den filmen "Pay it forward" har du sett den? Eg skulle ønske jeg kunnne smile og at det betydde så mye!

Eg e glad i deg Karin!

Anonymous sa...

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